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BF Partners specializes in management consulting and improvement projects in the areas of Human Resources and Organization. Over time, the company has built up a wealth of expertise and now employs proven methodologies, customized monitoring dashboards, and advanced technologies to support organizational change.


We tailor our projects to the real needs of businesses, always providing the best value for money.


All the power of the organization is applied to achieving results for businesses and people.


Specific skills applied on a case-by-case basis to design unique solutions.


Human Resources

> Staff Development Systems, Evaluation, and Incentives
> Managerial Training Plans and Interventions
> Change Management
> Organizational Development and Coaching
> Design and delivery of training programmes
> Personnel management systems and industrial relations


> Analysis and redesign of Micro and Macro processes
> Process Reengineering
> Design of Process Outsourcing and Global Service
> Production Process Improvement and TPM
> Supply Chain Management
> Workloads and staffing levels
> Analysis of company culture and climate
> Sales channels and network organization
> Design and implementation of organizational procedures


> Valuation of Investments and Business Branches
> Corporate Transformations and Privatizations
> Industrial Restructuring and Conversion
> Strategic Planning
> Business Planning
> Industrial Plan
> Outsourcing