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BF Partners supports its clients in the digital transformation of business processes by integrating ERP platforms with innovative vertical applications based on the use of Big Data and predictive analytics. We provide solutions that offer the possibility of asymmetric actions to compete.

System Integration

We study and implement IT projects on the SAP platform and innovative vertical applications.


Consultancy to support organizational and strategic change in the IT department.

Application Management

Routine maintenance of operating applications (AMS) carried out using the Trouble Ticket model or on-site support.



Our approach to IT intervention is modelled on the needs of the client and aims primarily to create competitive and asymmetric gaps to increase market leadership and neutralize the advantages of competitors who occupy dominant positions. Our team integrates process and technical skills, through the right combination of necessary professional figures: Functional Analysts, Technical Analysts, and Programmers.

Application Maintenance System

Assistance using the Trouble Ticket model, analysing and resolving anomalies in compliance with the client’s Service Level Agreement.

Evolution Maintenance

Adaptation of operating applications to changing needs or mandatory requirements, both in Time & Material mode or Turn Key mode.

Temporary Management

Our selected professionals provide managerial support for the temporary coverage of critical tasks.

On-site operational assistance

Our on-site consulting teams work alongside the client’s structure during transition phases


We implement new solutions using project management methods to deliver “turnkey” solutions.