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Facility Management 4.0

Infocad.FM is a powerful Facility Management software capable of managing real estate assets by harmonizing and integrating various data sources into an interactive graphical application. It's a visual tool capable of controlling an entire complex of buildings or its smallest technological components, managing personnel, planning and distributing maintenance requests, optimizing energy resources and consumption.

For more than 5 years, BF Partners has been a Silver Partner of Infocad.FM to evolve Facility Management processes to a higher level.

What is Infocad.FM?

Infocad.FM consists of a series of application modules in which management functions are integrated with graphical ones. Each module has analysis, reporting, and querying functions both in a local environment and on the Internet/Intranet. Thanks to its structure, the Facility Manager can count on a powerful tool capable of performing complex procedures intuitively.

Integrated Platform

Infocad.FM allows you to collect and distribute data from multiple sources, leaving ample operational freedom and perfect integration with systems already present in the company such as SAP, Oracle Application, ERP, etc. Infocad.FM is ideal for ordering and unifying in a single graphical environment all the data you have, even if heterogeneous or distributed over multiple systems, making them finally interactive and accessible.

SAP Integration

The open architecture of Infocad.FM allows you to collect and distribute data from multiple sources without affecting their structure, leaving complete operational freedom and administrative control to the owners of existing systems. Integration with SAP, for example, allows the facility manager to distribute its data and geographically locate its elements, through interactive maps connected to each building, divided into floors, rooms, operational units, special areas, and complexes.

Technical Records and Document Management

Infocad.FM allows you to find all data and information in a single database and integrate with those already present in the company, enabling you to manage all technical, administrative, and legal documentation related to real estate aggiornamenti e archiviare documenti.

Document Archive

With Infocad.FM, it is possible to catalogue and archive all documents such as user manuals, maintenance procedures, etc. The facility manager can always have information available and keep the “building file” up to date.

Asset, Space, and People Management

Infocad.FM goes beyond simple organization of spaces, as it allows simulation of operational scenarios, providing solutions such as optimizing available space and internal reorganizations following renovations, acquisitions or disposals of buildings, and personnel movements between various locations.


Infocad.FM has modules specifically designed for computerized management of maintenance processes, such as emergency management, on-demand activities, extraordinary works, cyclical preventive maintenance, inspections, and periodic checks.

Energy Monitoring

Infocad.FM collects all information related to the energy performance of buildings in a single archive, such as certifications, consumption history, monitoring of operational parameters, management of controls and measurements, as well as real-time and periodic reporting.

GIS and Maps

Infocad.FM can be integrated with GIS cartographic technologies (such as Autodesk MapGuide, Google Maps), allowing georeferencing of its real estate and infrastructure assets and sharing of cartographic information.

NFC, QRCode, Barcode

Reading Barcodes, QR Codes, and NFC tags through applications developed for smartphones and tablets allows real-time management, planning, and reporting of activities carried out, materials used, and maintenance processes, synchronizing data with the central server.


With Infocad.FM, your real estate assets can be managed and monitored wherever you are in real-time: you can manage maintenance interventions with the ability to open tickets, attach photos of the object to be intervened, view buildings and access information through interactive modules configurable on most mobile devices..