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Public Administration

In the current dynamic and competitive economic scenario, the ability to adapt and evolve is a fundamental element for success.

Companies that aspire to leadership must equip themselves with these competencies, making change their own management style.

Public Administrations, which are now called to compete in the market, are not exempt from this responsibility. They must not only respect constraints of time, budget, and quality, but also focus on dynamic training to empower the entire staff.

Over the years, our company has consolidated a specific heritage of expertise in the field of Public Administration and has developed strong skills in process management and high-level training, aimed at corporate growth and a results-oriented strategy.

  • Organizational Model Review
  • Finance Management
  • Project Management Office
  • Definition of Job Roles/Job Profiles
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • TPM Project
  • Six Sigma
Facility Management
  • Management of real estate and technological assets
  • Integrated management of process data, IoT, and Big Data
  • Optimization of energy resources and consumption
  • Structured interventions based on “training/intervention sites” involving personnel
  • Promotion of a work culture for projects
  • People empowerment

Our training method is structured in “training/intervention sites” and is aimed at carrying out real corporate projects and consists of an interdisciplinary project between corporate structures, with the support of our expert consultants.

The active participation of the parties involved leads to the sharing of corporate objectives, with a strong increase in the motivation of the individual and their ability to work in a team, thus configuring the “site” as a tool to support Change Management.